2014 Detroit homicides fewest in nearly 5 decades: police

2014 Detroit homicides fewest in nearly 5 decades: police

The number of criminal homicides in Detroit slipped to the lowest in nearly five decades in 2014, preliminary data released by the city police department showed.

According to data released by the Detroit Police Department on Friday, there were 300 criminal homicides in Detroit in the twelve months ended December 31, 2014. The figure is significantly lower than 333 homicides in 2013.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that the department had updated its data after reports that there were at least 304 homicides in the city last year. As of December 22, the number of slayings in the city stood at 298. Since then, at least 6 more people were slain in the city.

In the latest homicide incident, unidentified suspects killed a 29-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman. They were shot and killed on Wednesday this week while they sat in a vehicle on the city's east side - in the 4100 block of University. Police said unidentified killers pulled up in a white car and fired more than a dozen rounds at the victims.

Commenting on the homicide figures, Craig said, "A few of those had been counted as suicides or justifiable homicides. So we did a final audit and put those in the right category."

He added that decline in the number of homicides in the city was good news, but there was still a big job to do.

The previous lowest number of criminal homicides in the Motor City in the past 47 years was in 2010, when 308 incidents of homicide took place in the city. Before that, the lowest number of slayings was reported at 281 in 1967.