Honda unveils new fuel-cell electric vehicle concept

Honda unveils new fuel-cell electric vehicle concept

At the 2105 Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday, Honda unveiled its new fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCV) Concept. Honda described the new FCV Concept as a preview of a production car which is scheduled to hit the road in 2016; in time to challenge the Toyota Mirai.

Introducing its new FCV Concept at the auto show, Honda said that it plans to launch a production version of the vehicle in Japan by the 2016 first quarter; with the projected availability of the vehicle in the North American and European markets scheduled for a later date.

The new FCV Concept features a low and relatively wide body, with somewhat understated design details. The overall look of the car marks an evolutionary leap from the FCX Clarity --- Honda’s last production hydrogen-powered car.

However, the new FCV Concept differs from the FCX Clarity in terms of performance and operating range. Going by the details released by Honda, the new FCV Concept boasts a cruising range of up to 700 km; with the refilling of its 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank taking barely three minutes. The new concept emits only water vapor from its tailpipe.

Moreover, with Honda known for its excellent packaging methods, the entire fuel cell assembly of the new FCV Concept can fit under the bonnet; thereby ensuring that the vehicle’s cabin has enough space to accommodate up to five passengers.

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