Midwest States could suffer frequent floods in future: Study

Midwest States could suffer frequent floods in future: Study

Midwest is getting soaked due to the frequent big floods and the trend is likely to continue in future. A recent study has found that Midwest has shown a rise in the floods over the last 50 years. They fear that the trend will worsen in the coming decades.

The findings of the research were based on the daily records collected by the U.S Geological Survey at 774 stream gauges in 14 states from 1962 to 2011. The research was published in the advance online edition of the journal Nature Climate Change on February 9. The National Science Foundation funded this research.

The researchers have revealed that they didn’t try to link the climate change with the increase in the number of floods. They found that the areas which experienced a rise in the floods also experienced an increase in the frequency of the heavy rainfall.

Gabriele Villarini, a University of Iowa civil and environmental engineer and the paper's corresponding author, said, “What causes the observed changes in precipitation and temperature is not something we have addressed because of the difficulties in doing so based on observational records".

The regions included in the study were Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Dakota and South Dakota.