Washington Post opposes Tom Wheeler’s Net Neutrality proposal

Washington Post opposes Tom Wheeler’s Net Neutrality proposal

With the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler having recently proposed the reclassification of broadband under so-called Title II legislation, the proposal – to be voted later this month - is being widely opposed.

In a formal opposition of Wheeler’s proposal, the Washington Post put forth an argument on Thursday that the approach underlined by Wheeler for broadband services will potentially would "expose broadband providers to a new world of federal regulation."

Despite the fact that the FCC commissioners have asserted that no “onerous” regulations will be imposed on broadband providers, the paper – which favors a new legislative approach to regulate broadband - said that the possibility of such a situation cannot be ruled for the future.

In its criticism of Wheeler’s proposal, the Washington Post has also put the spotlight on the most recent argument in opposition to the proposed Net Neutrality regulations --- the fact that the proposal will pull power away from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - which adeptly handles consumer issues – and hand it to the FCC, which is not as proficient in handling such matters.

Meanwhile, opposing Wheeler’s proposal, 43 municipal broadband proponents have said in a recent letter to the FCC: “The economic harm will flow not from following net neutrality principles, which we do today because we think it is beneficial to all, but from the collateral effects of a change in regulatory status that will trigger consequences beyond the Commission’s control.”

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