Scientists provide more information about Beavers Super Strong Teeth

Gain Insight into as to how Beavers have Super Strong Teeth

Researchers have explained what makes teeth of beavers stronger than any other animal. The research team discovered that the chemical structure of their chompers have decay-fighting iron.

Enamel of beavers consists of enough iron to make it harder and more resistant to acid damage than most seen in other species. According to the researchers, the study has provided a way to gain better insight into human tooth decay and seek improvements in fluoride treatments.

The researchers revealed that layers of well-ordered, carbonated hydroxylapatite nanowires are present in enamel of the beaver at their core surrounded by material containing small amounts of an amorphous solid rich in iron and magnesium.

"A beaver's teeth are chemically different from our teeth, not structurally different", said lead study author Derk Joester, a researcher at Northwestern University.

The study has clearly showed that the reason behind super-strong teeth of weavers is the presence of tiny iron-rich nanowires interwoven throughout the enamel core of those outsized incisors.

For the study, the researchers compared the enamels of beavers, rabbits and other animals. The comparison was held with the help of atom probe tomography, helping them in identifying the inner atomic and ionic composition of the enamels as well.

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