Honda expands Takata airbag recall to 104,000 more vehicles

Honda expands Takata airbag recall to 104,000 more vehicles

In an announcement made on Thursday, American Honda said that the company’s US-wide recall of vehicles equipped with Takata-manufactured airbags is being expanded to include more than 104,000 cars.

The vehicles to which Honda has expanded its Takata-airbag recall are fitted with defective Takata airbags which can potentially deploy violently, sending metal splinters at passengers. For deploying the airbags in the vehicles included in the expanded recall, the airbag inflators use an ammonium nitrate-based explosive.

According to the expanded recall-related details shared by Honda, the vehicles which are affected by the expanded Takata-airbag recall include 88,000 units of 2008 Honda Pilots; 11,000 units of 2004 Civics; and 5,000 units of 2001 Accords.

The mentioned vehicles have been added to list of the vehicles already recalled by Honda due to the Takata-airbag defect. The vehicles which Honda had recalled earlier included the 2008 Pilot, the 2004 Civic and 2001 Accord.

With regard to the decision to expand the Takata-airbag recall to 104,000 more cars in the US, Honda said in a regulatory filing that the vehicles now being recalled had been identified on March 5, on the basis of the result of a process in which Takata airbag inflator part numbers were matched with individual vehicle identification numbers, or VINs.

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