Honda recalls about 105,000 vehicles

 Honda recalls about 105,000 vehicles

Honda is recalling about 105,000 vehicles because of defect in driver's side air bag inflators, which can explode under too much pressure. Takata-made airbags can explode and could throw metal pieces at passengers. The company recalled some 2008 Pilot, 2004 Civic and 2001 Accord vehicles.

According to the company, all of the vehicles were identified on March 5 and the company selected the vehicles using a process, in which it matched Takata airbag inflater part numbers to individual vehicle identification numbers, or VINs.

It was discovered by Honda that over 88,000 Pilot vehicles should have been included in last year's recall related to Takata.

Takata, the company which is based in Tokyo, is also one of the largest manufacturers of auto safety equipment in the world. And the company has had been a supplier of Honda for years. Therefore, Takata's air bag problem has affected the company a lot. According to reports, the fault led to at least six deaths and a dozen injuries around the world.

US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced a $14,000-per-day civil fine against Takata for not cooperating with NHTSA in its current investigation of the company's defective equipments.

According to Honda, it will inform Accord, Civic, and Pilot owners regarding the recall. However, it didn't indicate when it will be sending those notices. Owners can take their vehicles to a Honda dealer after receiving the notices and the driver-side airbag inflator will be replaced.

Honda spokesman Chris Martin said that Honda was not able to estimate the number of vehicles around the world, which have the defected equipment, but there are about 14.3 million Takata airbag inflaters in Honda and Acura cars, which are considered under the recall.

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