Hillary seen with de Blasio

Hillary seen with de Blasio

On Wednesday, Clinton and Chirlane McCray were seen together in Brooklyn. Both of them will be frequently seeing each other now. Hillary Clinton and Chirlane McCray seemed to praise each other as they were seen accepting each other's words through their gestures.

According to McCray, the wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, she is grateful to Secretary Clinton for being present and also for her years of advocacy. Clinton replied that she also wants to say something in McCray favor. She said that it's not just due to the fact that she and Bill are her friends.

The two were present at a Brooklyn children's center to give a hint of a joint Clinton Foundation/City Hall, which is an initiative to get more parents to know more about their infant children.

Clinton is looking forward to another campaign for president, in which she considers herself as among favorites for the nomination. However, she is facing deep uncertainty from some members of the party, who are not sure regarding her commitment to a populist, progressive agenda.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts could not run herself, however in the past she has been a decided Clinton skeptic. Bill De Blasio's New York indicates a proof that government can deal with major progressive priorities and still work efficiently.

According to Capital New York, de Blasio met with Clinton at her foundation headquarters last month. His Brooklyn home is not away from her likely campaign headquarters, however no campaign surrogacy has been scheduled yet.

Clinton's and de Blasio's political careers started from New York, so there has been a link in their careers.