Mitt Romney in boxing match for Charity

Mitt Romney in boxing match for Charity

Charity gets Mitt Romney gearing up for the brawl, as the Republican presidential nominee faced five-time heavyweight boxing champion to raise a sum of $1 million for ‘Charity Vision’.

The fight was held at Friday night in Salt Lake City and went up to two rounds. The Thursday night was the weigh-in, where the scale tipped Romney at 179 pounds and Mr. Holyfield at 236. Romney surely needs to be commended for his courage.

Mr. Romney decided to go the event after visiting India and watching the plight of many people in need of money there. The organization, Charity Vision is a Utah-based effort, which helps doctors in developing countries to perform surgeries to restore vision in people with curable blindness. Romney’s son, Josh, is president of Charity Vision.

Romney informed that he has been preparing for the event. He stated,” You've heard my critics say that I'm out of touch. That I am stiff. That I just don't relate to people. For years I've been listening to garbage like that. And I've decided to fight back”.

On a lighter note, Romney recalled that he was known as Bird Legs during high school and how he is afraid the bird legs will be now unveiled for one more time. He further told that he would enter in a tuxedo, and then change into red silk shorts and a robe with a hood. When questioned about what he will use as the entrance music, the presidential candidate aptly responded, “I Will Survive”.

The bout was much more of a comedic event than an actual fight, with Romney completing just two short rounds and barely exchanging punches. Nevertheless, the event raised money and also entertained the visitors.

However, the spokesperson at the White House, Eric Schultz denied President Obama having any knowledge of that was happening.