Social media use by IS ‘moron’ catches US intelligence officers’ attention

Social media use by IS ‘moron’ catches US intelligence officers’ attention

Islamic State militants may be experts in killing innocent people but are definitely not adept in making use of social media, a recent incident revealed.

An Islamic State "moron" was trying to propagate his group's capabilities through a social media site but he mistakenly caught the attention of intelligence officers positioned in Florida. Soon, U.S. airmen were dropping bombs on the moron and his colleagues.

Revealing the incident, General Carlisle said, "The guys that were working down out of Hurlburt, they're combing through social media and they see some moron standing at this command. So they do some work, about 22 hours later through that very building, three [joint direct attack munitions] take that entire building out."

Islamic State militants have long been using social media to attract and recruit foreign fighters, particularly vulnerable young men. They have been using social media for everything, ranging from propagating their group to post videos and images of atrocities in the Middle East.

Blocking the militant group's access to social media has this far proven largely impossible as centralized IS Facebook and Twitter accounts have given way to a very broad network of users who post widely and frequently.

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