Flesh-eating Virus kills Florida Man

Flesh-eating Virus kills Florida Man

A Florida man has become the fourth victim of a deadly bacterium from Gulf of Mexico salt waters, also called flesh-eating virus. The man succumbed to the illness on Thursday after he contracted it while swimming in Mississippi. The name and age of the latest victim of the virus has not been yet revealed under the state's privacy laws.

The Florida Health Department has revealed that the flesh-eating virus is actually the bacteria, called Vibrio vulnificus. A person can also contract the disease by eating raw seafood seawater, or through a skin wound.

The infection has become a big concern over the years, majorly because of extreme heat, said Anne Gayle Ellis, Florida Department of Health spokesperson. She said the infections are rare, but very dangerous.

Florida health officials have so far come across 10 cases of the infection this year and four of them have died. People are being advised by advisories to not consume raw shellfish and anyone who has an open wound or scratches must stay away from the water.

The vibrio bacteria have a potential of breaking down the skin, which can send one under the knife, require amputation or even inflict death.

"The way to protect yourself from skin infections from vibrio is by performing good wound care and you do that by covering the wounds with dry clean bandages until they're healed", said Dr. Carina Blackmore, the deputy state epidemiologist in Florida.

The bacteria do not affect much those with good health, but those with compromised immune can face the brunt of the infections.

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