Nobody else has guts to fix problem of illegal immigration: Trump

Nobody else has guts to fix problem of illegal immigration: Trump

Donald Trump, a business tycoon and presidential candidate for the Republican Party, has claimed that nobody other than him has the guts to secure the United States' border and prevent illegal immigration from countries like immigration.

Trump stressed on an urgent need to secure the U.S. border in wake of cold-blooded killing of an American woman in San Francisco by an illegal Mexican immigrant.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez shot and killed 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle while she was walking with her father near the Ferry Building at San Francisco's Pier 14 on Wednesday last week. The suspect has a long criminal record, and he has already been deported to Mexico five times.

Severely condemning the homicide, Trump said, "This . violence committed by an illegal immigrant is yet another example of why we must secure our border immediately. This is an absolutely disgraceful situation and I am the only one that can fix it. Nobody else has the guts to even talk about it."

Previously, he called Mexicans drug-dealers, criminals and rapists. Those controversial comments about Mexicans during his June 16 announcement speech sparked an aggressive firestorm of criticism. NBC Universal and Univision pulled the plug on his Miss America pageant, while Macy's declared that it would no longer carry his clothing line.