Obama grants monument status to Northern California range

Obama grants monument status to Northern California range

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday granted national monument status to a stretch of gold & green coastal range in California that is home to otters, bears, eagles and a multitude of other wildlife.

In a ceremony in Washington, Mr. Obama established the 331,000-acre Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, making it the Golden State’s newest national monument. The range covers inner-coast mounts, waterways and wetlands.

Geologist Bob Schneider, who climbed the area’s peaks for around half a century, said he was very happy the president’s decision, adding that his grandchild would be able to visit the place in decades to come.

But, some California residents said they could not understand why the area was given the national monument status.

Commenting on the decision, Marcia Ritz said, “Yes, we're in the country, we have animals, but to make us a monument? What have we done to deserve that?”

U.S. Representative John Garamendi, a Democrat from Fairfield, said the region offer every kind of recreation, including man-made lake, boating, kayaking, bird-watching, and hiking.