Zodiac Seats France Secures Patent on New Airline Seating Configuration

Zodiac Seats France Secures Patent on New Airline Seating Configuration

In a move that is sure to add to the worries of economy class fliers, is the new seating arrangement put forward by Zodiac Seats France. The company has devised a seating configuration, which brings the passenger sitting on the middle seat of an aisle face-to-face with the passengers sitting next to him.

Zodiac Seats France is one of the world’s largest airline seat makers. The new design named ‘Hexagon’ would increase the number of passengers that can be accommodated on a typical Boeing 767 by up to 80 fliers. The seat maker recently submitted a patent in order to rearrange the seats on an airplane in a way that the middle seat in a row of three seats, would be facing the opposite direction.

Zodiac alleged that the goal of its design was “to increase cabin density while also creating seat units that increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area”. This is because if the middle passenger would no longer face the same direction as his immediate neighbor, he would have more shoulder room. The company also maintained that this new seating arrangement would make it easier for passengers to exit because the seats flip up after the passenger stands up, leaving greater room to move.

However, economy class passengers who are having sleepless nights thinking about surviving a crammed aircraft next time, can heave a sigh of relief. This is owing to the fact that as of now, Hexagon is only a patent. Zodiac has no public plans to make it a reality.

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