Santa Cruz police arrest teen on suspicion of murder of 8-year-old girl

Santa Cruz police arrest teen on suspicion of murder of 8-year-old girl

A teenage boy was on Tuesday taken into custody on suspicion of killing an 8-year-old girl, whose body was found in a recycling bin at a housing complex in Santa Cruz, City Police Chief Kevin Vogel confirmed.

Police Chief Vogel told reporters yesterday that Madyson Middleton was almost certainly dead even before her family reported her missing on Sunday. The search for the girl can to an end Monday night after a detective discovered her dead body in a recycling bin at the artist community & housing center in Santa Cruz where the girl lived with her mother.

The girl's disappearance and the subsequent murder have badly shaken the unique artists' community, known as Tannery Arts Center, on the fringes of the small town. The Tannery Arts Center is a public-private nonprofit project that includes one hundred affordable apartments for unique artists and their families, a café, dance facilities and art studios.

Madyson was last seen riding her scooter in the community and housing center's courtyard on Sunday. Police arrested a 15-year-old boy, who knew the girl as a neighborhood acquaintance, on suspicion of murder.

The boy, whose name was not immediately released, was nearby when the girl's body was discovered. Detectives also found evidence in his apartment that links him to the murder of the girl. Santa Cruz District Attorney Jeffrey Rosell announced that they were seriously considering a decision to bring charges against the suspect.

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