Lake County fire continues to spread fast

Lake County fire continues to spread fast

An aggressive, fast-spreading wildfire in Northern California has destroyed at least two building and forced more than 500 people to flee to safer places, a Cal Fire spokesperson confirmed in a newly released statement.

Hundreds of firefighters from Lake, Sonoma and Napa counties have joined the fire lines to contain the aggressive blaze that broke out Wednesday afternoon and is still threatening dozens of structures.

The blaze engulfed nearly 8 square miles overnight and had charred more than twelve square miles as of Thursday morning. It was not contained at all as of yesterday morning. Cal Fire spokesperson said that hard-to-access terrain stuffed with dry brush and timber in Lake County helped the fire spread at a rapid rate.

Meanwhile, a fire east of the Golden State's Napa Valley has been burning for more than a week and has burnt more than 11 square miles in Solano County. Last Tuesday, it pushed temperatures into triple digits.

Daniel Berlant, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fire & Forestry Protection, said, "We're optimistic that we are able to stop and hold it."

As many as 136 structures are still under threat from the fire, and more than 200 people are still under orders to evacuate their homes. However, it is 80 per cent contained now.

Evacuation centers for the affected people have been established in Middleton and Clearlake. An animal evacuation center has also been set up at the Lower Lake Social Services parking lot.

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