Uncertainty looms over Identification of Whale Spotted off Gold Coast

Uncertainty looms over Identification of Whale Spotted off Gold Coast

Authorities are confused regarding whether the white whale that was spotted off the Gold Coast today is the famous Migaloo or 'Son of Migaloo'.

The whale was named Migaloo by Aboriginal Elders that means 'white fella'. The mammal is one of the members of a rare group of white whales that have been spotted swimming in Australian waters.

It has been said that on Monday, the whale was first spotted by a Seven News television helicopter at around 11 am. Officials said that if confirmed it would be the first sighting of Migaloo since his migration up the east coast of Australia last year.

Queensland's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection stated that Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 off Byron Bay to much media fanfare as he was the world's first known white humpback.

They further told that the whale when first spotted was estimated to be three to five years old. Later, when the recordings of its singing were captured in 1998 and 2003 it was identified as male.

Migaloo over past years has been spotted at various locations around Australia, and there is even a Twitter account dedicated to his migration patterns.

Oskar Peterson, who is behind operates the Twitter account, has been collating information on Migaloo since the early '90s. Peterson said that some more photos of the whale will be needed for proper identification.

But he believes that it could not be the famous Migaloo due to the migration timing, and also the newly spotted whale appeared to be smaller and younger than Migaloo, who was last spotted in Sydney and Cairns last year.

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