FCC gives iRobot the permission to produce robotic lawn mower

FCC gives iRobot the permission to produce robotic lawn mower

Last week, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted Bedford, Massachusetts-based robotic company iRobot Corp. the permission to manufacture a robotic lawn mower. Previously, iRobot has produced a robotic vacuum cleaner called Roomba.

The FCC documents have revealed that the agency has granted the request made by iRobot for a waiver on the section 15.250(C).

According to the waiver filed by iRobot with the FCC, the agency has given its mandatory approval to the company for developing a system guides a robotic lawn mower by sending frequencies from stakes located in the lawn. The system to be developed by iRobot would use four to nine strategically-placed stakes in the yard, so that the robotic lawn mower can be controlled using certain frequencies.

It was essential for iRobot to file for the FCC's approval of the system for guiding the robotic lawn mower because the system qualified as a fixed outdoor infrastructure, which the FCC has prohibited.

As per the permission granted by the FCC, iRobot's Robotic Lawn Mower has been allowed to operate in a frequency range of 6240-6740 Mhz.

Meanwhile, asserting that the robotic lawn mower can bring about a potential improvement in the quality of life related to residential lawn mowing, iRobot said in the waiver that the robotic mower will significantly reduce the noise and air pollution caused by the gas-powered lawn mowers.

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