First Florida Bear Hunt from October 24

First Florida Bear Hunt from October 24

In the last eight months, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has euthanized more than 60 black bears. Last year, the number was 34. Authorities concerned have taken the action as the bears pose serious threat to people, as they appear in urban settlements and lookout for garbage bins and cans to eat something.

It is said that the number of bears being killed will increase to 320 as the first Florida bear hunt is going to start from October 24. In last eight years, around 14 people were injured by black bears. Experts said that owing to more number of settlements in Florida Black Bear’s habitat, number of attack cases has increased.

There are many who are not in the favor of the FWC’s idea of reducing the population of black bears. The FWC commission has approved the hunt by 3-2 vote. Each individual Florida black bear population requires an area of 500,000 to 1 million acres to look out for food, shelter and mates. But the bears are facing habitat.

As per a data, 1.6 million Florida residents live in and around the four areas of the state where the Black bears roam. A case has been filed in which it is alleged that the FWC has violated its mission to preserve and protect wildlife.

In the hunt, hunters will be allowed to kill one bear each and the 320 bears will be killed then the hunt will be stopped.

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