Significant improvement in safety grades for South Florida’s hospitals

Significant improvement in safety grades for South Florida’s hospitals

The Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit group which aims to strengthen health system safety, quality and value across the nation, has unveiled in its new report that a significant improvement has been seen in safety grades of South Florida’s hospitals.

In the latest report, the number of A grades received by South Florida hospitals in the latest biannual report, Hospital Safety Score, increased from 24 to 32. Since 2012, Leapfrog has been releasing the reports.

In the report, 73% of the 44 hospitals in the tri-county region have received As. Out of the 2,530 hospitals rated across the nation, only 31%, 773, were able to earn As. In the state, 92 out of the 163 hospitals earned As.

After Maine and Massachusetts, Florida has received the third-highest percentage of As in the nation. Jillian Laffrey, Leapfrog's senior communications and membership coordinator, was of the view that it is great news that rank of South Florida is improving.

“It's really excellent to have such a constant level of high achievement. It means that many more people in South Florida are able to feel safer and better about their care”, said Laffrey. In the study, patient safety measures are observed.

There are different combination of incidents on which score is based and also data chosen by hospital to submit with regard to medication errors, infections during operation and issues related to recovery. A majority of hospitals in Palm Beach County have maintained their As grade.

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