Coywolf emerges America’s Sturdiest Animal

Coywolf emerges America’s Sturdiest Animal

Coywolf, a hybrid predator of the North American wolf and the coyote, has emerged as one the most rough and tough animals that can easily tread on harsh terrains.

The animal is identified as woyote, or the eastern coyote. The birth of the hybrid animal is a long-term result of the displacement of wolves from their natural habitats due to human hunting.

According to scientists, the interbreeding originated almost a century ago when wild wolves in southern Ontario came in contact with the coyote. Now, the population of the new breed is fast multiplying in the Northeast United States. As per the estimates of the Economist, the current population of the coywolves has crossed one million.

Professor Roland Kayes, a biologist at North Carolina University, explained that apart from the physical strength, this canine species of animals has exceptional quality of reproducing at faster rates.

“The animal’s range has encompassed America’s entire north-east, urban areas included, for at least a decade, and is continuing to expand in the south-east following coywolves’ arrival there half a century ago,” a scientist stated.

Although, the scientists are yet to tag these hybrid animals as a well-defined new species, there are many who have been pressing upon the move. Jonathan Way from the Massachusetts National Park Service expressed the need for declaring these as separate species.

According to a study conducted in 2013, the DNA inherited by the coywolves from dog breeds has made them more strengthened.

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