Huntsville Family shocks after Seeing Sharks Approaching Shoreline

1B--Huntsville Family shocks after Seeing Sharks Approaching Shoreline

A Huntsville family got stunned after spotting swarm of sharks approaching the shoreline at the Panama City Beach. Blake Whitlow visited the beach with his four kids and wife Tyra where they spotted the sharks while he was capturing video on his phone.

Whitlow told that they were in the raft when they first saw the sharks off shore. Whitlow later posted the video of his afternoon encounter with sharks on YouTube. Blake, a local beach resident, said the shark feeding frenzy occurred around 3 p.m. between Rosemary Beach and Inlet Beach.

Whitlow also said that as the sharks appeared near the shore, several people gathered to watch the swarm of hunting sharks. The video posted online shows smaller sharks entering the shallow water along the shore. One man in the video appeared approaching a shark that nearly beaches itself.

Viewers can be heard telling others in the water to swim towards shore after hearing the man who yelled that there could be an estimated 50 to 60 sharks.

Whitlow said his family is relocating to the Panama City Beach area and presently staying in a rental house near Inlet Beach until February. Tyra said her kids were afraid at first when they spotted the sharks, but they got excited once they safely reach near sand.

“They were a little scared until getting out of the water but then just enjoyed the unique experience. (My) oldest son said it was neat getting to see them outside of an aquarium or movie”, said Tyra.