Arnold Schwarzenegger urges people to Go Vegan for Earth

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hollywood actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Paris to speak about climate change. ‘The Terminator’ actor said global warming is not a movie script that people will listen.

While talking to BBC, Schwarzenegger urged people to go part-time vegetarian to protect the mother earth. There are many different ways to get protein, the actor added. “I think it is sad the way the miscommunication about climate change, because so many times, you hear that the oceans will rise, and the sea levels are rising and temperature’s rising and the icebergs’ melting, and it’s all stuff that people cannot even relate to”, the 68-year-old former professional bodybuilder said.

According to Schwarzenegger, there is a need to do something quickly to combat climate change. Effects of fossil fuels need to be resolved soon, he added. The actor said he was challenged about meat eating. About one kilogram of protein from meat can be produced from three to 10 kilograms of vegetables.

The United Nations has released a report which suggested that animal agriculture is responsible for about 18% globally produced greenhouse gases. Most carbon emissions from meat farming are result of nitrogen fertilizers, belching livestock.

Schwarzenegger, who served two terms as governor of California, said people have to think about our future generation. They should give up things like big cars and flying in jets for earth. He said point is simple: the planet’s atmosphere is our sealed room, and people are sitting in it with a large SUV.