Video Shows Some Clever Crows Making Tools to Catch Meal in Wild

Video Shows Some Clever Crows Making Tools to Catch Meal in Wild

Scientists recently captured footage of a group of clever crows that were caught making tools for hunting down their prey in the wild. The footage shows the New Caledonian corvids making hunting tools.

The footage was captured by a pair of researchers from the university of Exeter and University of St Andrews. The findings of the study were reported in the Royal Society’s journal Biology Letters, said study authors Dr Jolyon Troscianko and Dr Christian Rutz.

The duo said the brainy crows were filmed at the time when the birds were using the hooked sticks to snag insects from crevices.

The researchers said this ability of birds has been earlier known to researchers, but this is for the first time when someone was successful in filming the behavior of the birds in wild.

The researchers, in order to capture the footage, developed tiny crow-cams to observe the birds in their native island habitat i.e. in the South pacific.

It has been known that the New Caledonian crows are highly intelligent animals, and this behavioral experiment has shown that the famous feathered tool users are even capable of a relatively high level of reasoning.

Dr Troscianko, a postdoctoral researcher at Exeter, said, “While fieldworkers had previously obtained brief glimpses of hooked stick tool manufacture, the only video footage to date came from baited feeding sites, where tool raw materials and probing tasks had been provided to crows by scientists”.

He further said that they further want to capture a close-up video of birds making hunting tools under completely natural conditions.

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