This Flu season hasn't really hit hard so far

This Flu season hasn't really hit hard so far

The flu season was in full swing around this time, last year, likely keeping many home sick for Christmas. The case is not the same this year. Flu season hasn't actually hit hard countrywide so far.

The Centers for Disease Control has shown quite low numbers of flu cases, and there’re minimal in the Ozarks.

Not many people have come down with the aching, coughing, and fever of the flu in Springfield so far. Sunshine Health Mart has been seeing the symptoms. Natalie Foster, pharmacist in charge and owner of Sunshine Health Mart Pharmacy, said, “There was definitely a little bit of a shortage of Tamiflu last year, but we haven't really seen that this year. The flu season hasn't really hit the region yet”.

The health department said that no cases have been reported in Greene County so far, but it's probably only a normal flu season. Kendra Findley, Administrator of Community Health and Epidemiology with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, said that previous year they started abnormally early, in October, and the case last year was historic. Findley added that more than 2,500 cases were reported to them last year.

Everybody is pondering over what's has kept flu cases down so far this year? Findley said that weather is always associated with flu, but if experts point of view is taken into consideration, there is not much correlation. Findley mentioned that what he was hoping and what the experts have been pointed out was that this year there is a much better match with the vaccine.