Here is How World Saw Full Moon bursting into Life This Christmas

Here is How World Saw Full Moon bursting into Life This Christmas

While looking for Santa’s sleigh on Christmas, you must have noticed a dazzling full moon brightening the night sky. The rare event that occurred Friday night was first full moon on Christmas in last 38 years.

Although it was a rare lunar spectacle that is not going to occur until 2034, a major portion of the US could not witness it due to unexpected clouds. In these areas, the full moon was enveloped by clouds, but there were some locations in the country where clear skies allowed people see moon turning into a spectacular Christmas treat.

Many people snapped the full moon in their cameras. Stojan Stojanovski photographed the full moon from Ohrid, Macedonia. Norman Dagang also captured some stunning pictures of the spectacular natural satellite during its peak time in T’boli, Philippines. While talking about the rare event, Dagang said it was amazing to capture image of the full moon. It was exceptionally bright during its peak time, the photographer said. “I thought it was a rare opportunity to take a photo of a full moon on Christmas”, Dagang added.

Several other people from around the globe also saw and clicked the lunar spectacle. Dennis Doucet, who was in Japan during the event, clicked and shared an image of the moon on social media. He said the sky was overcast for most of the evening, but suddenly, clouds disappeared and people were able to get a clear shot of the spectacular sphere.

Echoexaminer reported that, scientists are done studying the information the Chinese moon rover had transmitted back not long time ago. The results, the rocks the Jade Rabbit gathered will reveal more about the moon when it was still young and when there were small volcanic eruptions taking place in the natural satellite. Chang’e-3 probe fetched the rover and helped it land on a “relatively young” impact basin that can be viewed from Earth, providing Yutu the chance to gather samples that are just 3 billion years old, way younger than the samples brought back by the Apollo missions which were 4 billion years old.

GlobalViralNews report said, new mysterious lunar substance has been found by the Jade Rabbit Rover, and it may tell us more about our moon’s history, a new study suggests. The Jade Rabbit or Yutu, an unmanned lunar rover which is part of the Chinese Chang’e 3 mission to the Moon, discovered a type of basalt on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite. Scientists wrote that the new basalt had a mineral assemblage different from the samples collected during the Luna and Apollo programs. About forty years ago, the Luna program (Russian) and the Apollo program (American) also found basalt on the moon. However, the newfound rocks appear to have a distinct mineral composition.

According to the Post-Gazette, The moon is generally thought to have formed when a Mars-sized planet (sometimes called Theia) collided with a young Earth about 4.5 billion years ago, creating a hot mess of molten rock. Around 500 million years later, building heat from the decay of radioactive elements inside the moon caused melting in the mantle and led to volcanic eruptions.