Is Canned Air Only Way to Deal with Smog in China

Is Canned Air Only Way to Deal with Smog in China

China’s massive capital Beijing is regularly blanketed in notorious smog linked with coal consumption and heavy industry. Earlier, Beijing officials issued red alert for second time in December due to smog which is getting ridiculously bad.

This year wasn’t good at all for the Chinese capital when it comes to air pollution. Smog has made things more difficult for residents, especially in winters. There are reports that the smog is stretching beyond Beijing into much of northern China.

Masked pedestrians and cyclists could be easily noticed on the city’s streets. This wave of smog has introduced a new product in Beijing: canned air. Earlier, some city residents were spotted breathing air from a can. A picture of a woman doing the same went viral on the internet. There are reports that people have realized that buying such cans is the only way to tackle city’s bad air.

These cans, which come in different volumes, are filled with fresh air from Canada. A can of air can be purchased by giving 120 yuan. A company, which provides such cans in China, says the air in cans is from the Rocky Mountains. It is the purest air and contains natural energy, the company claimed.

Moses Lam and Troy Paquette, owners of Vitality Air, a company that sells canned air, said their aim was to sell fresh air to Americans, but they launched the product in China two months ago after hearing that pollution has made it difficult for residents to breathe.