Peruvian Coca Tea Contains High Levels of Cocaine: Italian Police

Peruvian Coca Tea Contains High Levels of Cocaine: Italian Police

Italian police recently issued an order to stop sale of a famous Peruvian coca tea after they found that the tea contained some significant levels of cocaine. The tea has been sold in Italy since many years now.

The tea was imported from Peru by a Milan-based wholesaler, said police officials. In order to test the tea, officials made a cup of Peruvian tea and then tested the drinker’s blood levels.

Results of the test revealed that the tea had some significant levels of cocaine. Experts during the tests found high level of cocaine in the bloodstream of drinkers of the tea. The truth at first was unveiled after a 38-year old bus driver from Genoa named Roberto tested positive for the illegal stimulant after undergoing a routine drugs test, La Repubblica reported.

The driver insisted that he had not taken cocaine and had an exemplary 10 years of service at the Genovese transport authority, Amt. he also told a company doctor that a day before the test he drank a cup of Peruvian tea, which he often brought from an ethic food store.

The company doctor asked the driver to bring two tea bags to his office, after which he made himself a brew and drank it. The next day the doctor performed a drugs test on himself and tested positive for cocaine.

The tea was even tested Italy’s food police, Nas. The final statement on the tea was given after food police tested the tea and confirmed the doctor’s findings.