Disney and ETH develop new ‘VertiGo’ robot that can climb walls

Disney and ETH develop new ‘VertiGo’ robot that can climb walls

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Disney Research Zurich said that it has, in collaboration with ETH University, created a robot which has Spiderman-like capability to climb walls.

The wall-climbing robot developed by Disney Research Zurich and ETH University is called ‘VertiGo.’

According to the details shared by the developers, the Vertigo robot has the gravity-defying ability to make an almost seamless transition from the ground to climbing a wall. The robot gets effectively sucked against vertical surfaces due to two tiltable propellers -- one at the rear, and the other in front -- which give it the requisite thrust onto the wall.

In an explanation of VertiGo robot’s wall-climbing capability, Disney and ETH said in a press release that the choice of two propellers enables the robot’s floor-to-wall transition; and further explained that “thrust is applied both towards the wall using the rear propeller, and in an upward direction using the front propeller, resulting in a flip onto the wall."

The VertiGo robot also has two steerable wheels which make it easy to operate, just like a common radio-controlled car. In addition, the robot also has a pair of infrared distance sensors mounted up front, for an estimation of its orientation in space.

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