Samsung’s Creative Lab will demonstrate three projects at CES 2016

Samsung’s Creative Lab will demonstrate three projects at CES 2016

At the CES 2016 event to be held in Las Vegas from January 6 to January 9, bigwig South Korean device maker Samsung's Creative Lab team will demonstrate three interesting projects. The new projects will be demonstrated to gather feedback from the CES attendees, and to gauge the market potential of the new devices.

The three innovative projects which Creative Lab will exhibit at the CES 2016 include a ‘smart’ healthcare belt called WELT; a ‘Rink’ hand-motion controller for virtual reality (VR) headsets; and a new ‘TipTalk’ UX which allows users to listen to calls or to music just by touching their finger to their ear.

The ‘smart’ and ‘wearable’ healthcare belt WELT will unfold a personalized healthcare and weight management plan for users. Though fairly akin to a normal belt in appearance, WELT has the capability to record the wearer’s waist size, track the users’ eating habits, time spent sitting down, and even keep count of the steps taken by them.

The ‘Rink’ hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices is a comparatively less ambitious project to be demonstrated by the Samsung Creative Lab team. The device is essentially a companion piece of hardware for VR headset, to enable the users to enjoy a more fun-filled VR experience.

The ‘TipTalk’ UX is basically a wristband which allows users to hear the audio on their smartphone or smartwatch simply through their fingertip. The wristband can synced with a smartphone, and can also be added to both analog and digital watches.

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