Michigan man wins $4 million Instant Lottery jackpot for second time

Michigan man wins $4 million Instant Lottery jackpot for second time

A fifty-year-old Michigan man seems to be double-lucky as he hit a $4 million jackpot from the Michigan Instant Lottery for the second time in his life.

Mark Clark, a middle-aged resident of Monroe County in Michigan, purchased an instant lottery scratch-off ticket for $30 from a convenience store called Carleton at the Ash Market in the country. After scratching off the $150,000,000 Payout instant lottery ticket, Clack was pleasantly surprised to find that he had won the jackpot worth a $4 million prize.

The Michigan Lottery had printed three winning tickets worth $4 million prize each, and Clark was the fortunate purchaser of the third and final jackpot. Clark explained that he scratched off the lottery ticket with a coin that his father had given him around a decade ago. He admitted that he had never thought that he would win the jackpot twice.

When asked for a comment on his grand win, Clark said, “I scratched the ticket off in the store with a coin my dad gave me about 10 years ago. We lost him about a year ago after some health struggles … You don’t think you’ll win millions once, and you definitely never think it would happen twice.”

Dr. Mark Glickman, a professor of statistics at Harvard University, said if an individual has already won the lottery, then his or her possibility of winning the lottery for the second time will remain exactly the same as the possibility of his winning the lottery if he or she hadn’t won the lottery before. In simple words, we can say that previously winning the lottery doesn’t increase or decrease the chance of winning the lottery in the future.

The more lottery tickets a person buys does faintly improve the person’s odds of winning the lottery. For example, if you buy one of 292,200,300 lottery tickets, your chance of winning the lottery is just 1 in 292,200,000. If you buy three tickets, you odds are just 3 in 292,200,000.

He further added that it was very hard for him to put into words exactly what he was feeling after hitting the $4 million jackpot for the second time in his life. The first $4-million jackpot was won by him in the month of December in 2017 while playing the Millionaire’s Club Instant Game from the Michigan Lottery.