Survey hints at Ford’s pricing strategy for each trim of F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck

Survey hints at Ford’s pricing strategy for each trim of F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck

Automobile giant Ford Motors has yet to announce the pricing details for the Ford F-150 Lightning, but a survey obtained by a member of the F150 Gen14 forum provides the first hint about the full pricing for each trim of the electric pickup truck. The survey even lists the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck’s cost after the $7,500 federal tax credit, making a good attempt to hint on what potential customers can be asked to pay for getting their hands on the upcoming EV.

In the survey, conducted by, various trims of the fully-electric Ford F-150 Lightning have been priced as: the Pro trim or version would cost $39,974, but federal tax credit would bring the cost likely down to $32,474. The XLT trim and XLT + Premium Package would cost $52,974 and $56,774, respectively. But, the effective prices for these two trims would be $45,474 and $49,274, respectively; thanks to the same federal tax credit.

The Lariat and Lariat + Premium Package trims would likely cost $64,474 and $79,474; with their effective process eventually coming down to 59,974 and $71,974, respectively. The hinted price for the Platinum trim is $89,874, with its effective price at $82,374.

In a statement, stated, “Results from this survey will help us understand consumers' demand for various models, options, and accessories. This survey is not representative of final pricing or feature availability.”

The survey also outlined the prices for the major options. For instance, the extended-range battery would cost additional $10,000 on the Pro version of the upcoming electric pickup truck and $7,000 for the XLT Premium Package and Lariat trims. This option will also get buyers an 80-amp charging wall box, in addition to increasing power from 426 hp (318 kW) to 563 hp(420 kW). The Lariat with Premium Package and Platinum trims will get this equipment as standard.

The Max Trailer Tow Package, which will boost the max towing rating to an estimated 10,000 pounds, will likely cost additional $865 on all trims of the all-electric pickup truck, except for the Platinum version, which will get it as standard equipment. For the 9.6-kilowatt onboard generator, the Pro and XLT owners would have to pay additional $1,070, but other trims will get it as standard. said that the numbers are not final, but they at least provide a rough guide for what potential buyers should expect.

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