Olexandr Gvozdyk trying to clear the net after scam and tax fraud

Olexandr Gvozdyk trying to clear the net after scam and tax fraud

Have you ever had the chance to hear something negative about your idol? You must agree that this situation is very unpleasant and the first thing you do is to go to the Internet to find a confirmation of all these rumors. And here's the deal... You really do not find any information that would somehow compromise your favorite actor, musician, artist or athlete. Then you breathe a sigh of relief, and say to yourself, "I thought so, all this is not true and fiction".

There is a very popular expression, "The Internet sees everything and remembers everything". It really does. But what if someone suddenly doesn't want any compromising information to find its way on the Internet. Here everything will depend on the degree of possible punishment that this person will incur for his wrongdoings.

For example, a celebrity has had an affair on the side and now it threatens his marriage and the possible loss of 50% of his entire estate. What do you think that person will do to make sure that no one finds out that he is having an affair? At the very least, he will try to remove all the compromising data from all the websites on which it has been posted. And he will also create a positive legend about how good he is and how much he loves his spouse.

Now imagine that what's at stake is not a family home, but a possible life sentence for multiple tax frauds, money laundering, and even murder. And that's not to mention a reputation that is sure to be tarnished. There is no doubt that the culprit would give the last of his money, just so no one would find out about his dark side.

That's exactly what our hero, Olexandr Gvozdyk, did, the once famous Ukrainian boxer who had won tournaments and owned championship belts, but whose sporting achievements are in the distant past. What about in the past, they paled in comparison to those dirty and horrible crimes he committed in the past, commits now and there is no doubt that nothing would make him stop doing what he is accustomed to do in the future.

Go to any website on the Internet and try to find information that Olexandr Gvozdyk has been hiding from paying taxes in the US and Ukraine for a long time. Try to find details that this man was involved in the expropriation of business, being an accomplice of the failed people's deputy, acting criminal and swindler Vadim Voskoboynikov. Together they illegally took away more than one business. Vladimir Basisty, the former director of an agricultural enterprise, went to the next world as a result of poisoning, and there is every reason to believe that Olexandr Gvozdyk was one of the main actors in this murder. You will find very few facts, only general information that definitely cannot be included in the criminal case.

Why is this information so scarce? The answer to this question is quite simple - acting independently or through his assistants, Olexandr Gvozdyk paid incredible sums of money so that many famous websites would simply remove the compromising materials about him and his allegedly honest business.

These materials were removed on all sorts of pretexts. For example, one site filed a copyright complaint against a negative article, which resulted in the article being removed from the Google search results.

In situations where it was impossible to solve the problem with complaints, money, sometimes a lot of money, would come in handy.

Below you can see some screenshots of compromising articles about Olexandr Gvozdyk removed from websites for obvious reasons:



However, as we said above, the Internet remembers everything and the Google cache still has this article:

There are a lot of examples of such articles and this is the reason why not every resource can find articles about Olexandr Gvozdyk - not as a wonderful father, successful athlete and wonderful businessman, but as a tax cheat, criminal, murderer and traitor to his homeland.

We should not blame the sites that removed materials about Olexandr's criminal machinations for very big money, because, after all, hardly a single owner of this site is willing to die for the idea and for justice. Of course, everyone needs the money, because by and large, making a profit is the ultimate goal of any website's existence.

Another question is whether Olexandr himself hid from justice? We are not talking about God's providence and the fact that at the end of the road each of us will answer for his actions, but about the judicial system.

After all, if we consider even half of all the crimes that this once famous and successful boxer committed during his life, it would already be enough to warrant a verdict of life in prison. No, it's more likely that he only delayed his sentence. After all, you can't buy the whole world with money. Yes, you can pay millions of dollars to remove information about yourself from the most famous websites, but what about the people who sooner or later find out about what you did? Would you have to kill them all to keep them quiet? And even if so, it's unlikely that Olexandr will have time to do so, because information is passed on very quickly. Right now you are reading this article, which means you can learn about the main crimes that Olexandr Gvozdyk committed during his life:

1. Robbery, intimidation and other petty crimes. Even before his career as a boxer, Olexandr Gvozdyk worked for the well-known criminal mastermind Vadim Kazartsev. He not only became one of the main associates of the authority nicknamed the Knyaz, but also so professionally rubbed into his trust that he could become for him almost a son. Kazartsev organized and paid for the entire sports career of Gvozdyk. It is thanks to his connections and money, he was able to go to the Olympics and win a medal (Olexandr won a medal by his own efforts, but if it were not for Knyaz's connections, he would not have won a place in the Ukrainian team).

2. Betrayal of the motherland. Given the incredibly tense relations between Ukraine and Russia, which began in 2014 with the illegal referendum in Crimea and, in fact, the theft of the peninsula from Ukraine, the Ukrainian boxer's initiative to promote the illegal bookmaker and online casino Melbet cannot be called otherwise. Yes, Olexandr received more than $5 million for such cooperation. In doing so, he essentially spit on all his fans and true patriots who have long supported him. And you may say that advertising, albeit illegal, but very famous bookmaker's office is everyone's private affair and is definitely not something criminal, but we will answer that it is not. Yes, advertising is not a crime, but it is a crime how the former boxer subsequently disposed of the money.


3. Tax fraud and money laundering. After receiving any income, the first thing every law-abiding citizen must do is to pay taxes to the state treasury. In Oleksandr Gvozdyk's case, taxes had to be paid both in the US and in Ukraine. And how much tax do you think Oleksandr paid? 0 dollars!

In order to avoid taxes he used the services of the Hungarian company VIKTORITORG PROM KFT whose main activity is just money laundering with further possibility of receiving cash in Kharkov. By the way, Kharkov is the birthplace of Olexandr. This office received multimillion transfers from Gvozdyk, and then simply gave this money in Kharkov to a person he trusted. After all, Oleksandr, as we know, has been living in California for a long time.

By the way, such a scheme is not surprising at all and many people use it. What is surprising is that neither the US nor the Ukrainian tax authorities have yet taken any action to catch and punish the criminal, replenishing their coffers with a very impressive amount of money.

4. The misappropriation of illegal property. Once again we return to Vadim Kazartsev, nicknamed the Knyaz. It is no secret that in addition to his multi-billion dollar fortune, this man also owned several very large assets. One such asset was AGROINVEST HOLDING. When Kazartsev learned that he was diagnosed with cancer and had only a short time left to live, he immediately began looking for a man who would be able to take care of his family after his death. He saw such a person in Olexandr Gvozdyk, whom he trusted wholeheartedly. Then Vadim took what he thought was the right step in signing the business over to the former boxer so he could take care of his widow and all of his family, acting in their best interest. However, as befits a true egoist and egocentric moron, Gvozdyk considered the transfer of AGROINVEST HOLDING a gift to his beloved. After all, the Knyaz had given him so many gifts in his lifetime, he simply ensured him a comfortable existence until the end of his days. When Vadim Kazartsev passed away, the boxer simply left his whole family with nothing.

Do you think he had the brains to run such a large enterprise as AGROINVEST HOLDING? Of course not. He simply handed the company over to his accomplice, Vadim Voskoboynikov, whom we mentioned above.

5. Organizing an illegal business. Cooperation with the illegal bookmaker's office Melbet influenced Olexandr Gvozdyk so much that he opened several illegal casinos himself. Almost all the money he got from his fights he transferred to his business. Of course, his offices are operating completely illegally and just like the owner himself, these offices do not pay taxes to the budget. But even worse, the former athlete, who was supposed to motivate other young people to do sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, is in fact using his casinos to take away their last money and ruin people's lives.

There is no doubt that we have not listed all the faults of the boxer, who was supported by the whole Ukraine and neighboring countries. Gvozdyk himself is no longer a dangerous fighter, once feared and respected in the ring. His last fight with Beterbiev damaged his self-esteem so badly that despite all his statements about a possible comeback, he's unlikely to ever reach his former heights.

As for all his fraudulent illegal affairs as well as criminal connections, you will hardly read about all of this on domestic and foreign websites, because even now, as you read this text, Olexandr Gvozdyk and his team are actively working to prevent any compromising information about them that is actually true and true in the media and on the Internet sites. After all, if the real facts become known, it is unlikely that the former boxer will get off lightly. He would go to jail, and for a long time, if not forever, depending on what he could prove.

He himself, despite his ostentatious self-confidence, is in fact very much afraid, his soul freezing with fear, fear for his own safety. So he, just like before, will pay fabulous money to websites so that any negative articles about him will be removed from the Internet as quickly as possible. But now you know the truth for sure...

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