Illinois and four other Midwestern U.S. states all set to get big EV infrastructure boost

Illinois and four other Midwestern U.S. states all set to get big EV infrastructure boost

Five Midwestern US states are all set to get a big boost in terms of EV infrastructure as governors in Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin have announced big plans for EV charging-related cooperation. Governments across boundaries are trying hard to accelerate the pace of shift from fossil fuel-guzzling internal combustion engine-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), but lack of adequate charging infrastructure continues to be a major hurdle on the way to mass adoption of EVs.

Thus, creating reliable charging infrastructure is just indispensible to support ever-larger chunks of the population’s shift from to EVs. However, there is no single magic bullet solution. Instead, it requires a number of smaller initiatives from all sides and all stakeholders.

The Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition (REV Midwest) is part of such efforts. In late September, governors of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin came together and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-develop and implement a regional framework to speed up electrification of vehicles.

The goal of regional agreement includes acceleration of medium and heavy-duty fleet electrification through harmonization of EV charging infrastructure, especially by the side of commercial corridors. It also supports standardization of regulatory schemes and cooperation in the field of EV research & development (R&D), engineering as well as manufacturing. Special focus will be on assisting historically disadvantaged areas.

Several environmental groups welcomed the formation of REV Midwest. They stressed that it is the need of the hour as the world has already started seeing the effects of climate change taking place in real time.

The Illinois Environmental Council supported Gov. Pritzker’s efforts to expand electric vehicles and protect public health in the state by signing on to the Midwest Electric Vehicle (EV) MoU.

Commenting on REV Midwest, the environmental group added, “To truly address the growing threat of climate change and dangerous air pollution levels in Illinois, particularly in our most vulnerable communities, the Governor must now focus his attention on electrifying large vehicles like trucks that run on diesel.”

The group also urged Gov. Pritzker to join fifteen states, Washington D.C. and the Province of Quebec by signing the Multi-State Medium and Heavy-Duty EV MoU to address the problem carbon emissions.

To reach the admirable goals, each of the five participating states will create a taskforce that will be responsible for tackling existing and upcoming challenges. Presumably, the formation of those five taskforces will be able to yield more concrete results in the direction of transition to electric powertrains.

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