New low-cost Roadster V2 Gravel Edition electric bike available for pre-orders

New low-cost Roadster V2 Gravel Edition electric bike available for pre-orders

American bicycle manufacturer Ride1Up has opened order books for its low-cost electric gravel bike, called the Roadster V2 Gravel Edition. Most of electric gravel bikes available in the market cost more than $3,000, and some of them are much more expensive. Bucking that trend, the Ride1Up Roadster V2 Gravel Edition is available with a pocket-friendly price tag of merely $1,245.

In addition to bucking the trend in terms of the price, the Roadster V2 Gravel Edition brings a number of innovative features, including a ‘Gates’ carbon belt drive instead of a conventional chain. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the upgraded Gates belt drive lasts for more than 50,000 miles (roughly 80467 km).

The single-speed e-bike comes equipped with a rear motor, which is also a unique design spec. Single-speed drivetrains are typically disadvantageous on hills, but they are still popular on e-bikes because of the added motor assist that makes first few arduous pedal turns more convenient. Motor power added by single-speed drivetrain makes riding even on hills much easier. To make it suitable for larger as well as smaller riders, the manufacturer is offering it in two frame sizes.

In a review report for the Roadster V2, an analyst wrote, “It is an awesome ride as long as you enjoy pedaling. Unlike powerful throttle-enabled e-bikes, this is a lower-power pedal assist e-bike that is designed to give you a nice boost, but still requires some good old-fashioned honest sweat equity.”

The 350W continuous electric motor of the e-bike delivers a peak power of 500 watts. In its highest power mode, the motor is powerful enough to give a plenty of boost to the bike. In the lower power levels, it offers a gentler assist. Its 252-Wh battery is so small that it easily gets hidden inside the frame of the e-bike. Still, it is stores enough energy to deliver a driving range of up to 35 miles 56 km on a single charge.

While the manufacturer has already opened order books for the Ride1Up Roadster V2 Gravel Edition, the pocket-friendly belt drive gravel e-bike is still couple of months away from its being shipped to customers. The standard version of the Roadster V2 costs $1,045, but the optional Gravel Edition e-bike has been priced at $1,245 as it comes with few upgrades, such as gravel tires, disc brakes and a ‘Gates’ carbon belt drive.

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