New perspectives of Olexander Gvozdyk in the criminal world

New perspectives of Olexander Gvozdyk in the criminal world

Ukrainian and foreign media literally weekly publish new details of the boxer's criminal activities, colleagues accuse him of lying, and Gvozdyk himself spends millions of hryvnias every month to support his positive image, constantly using Usik and Lomachenko to create new news feeds. How did the ex-champion get on a slippery slope and why should the competent authorities pay attention to him?

Connection with crime boss Kazartsev

At the age of 19, when Gvozdyk was kicked out of the gym for violation of the regime and unsportsmanlike behavior, he began working in the security of Vadim Kazartsev. There he got the dirtiest work: extortion, intimidation, beating. In exchange, Kazartsev, also known as the Knyaz, helped Gvozdyk's professional career in every possible way.

It was the crime boss who organized Olexander's trip to the Olympics, after which the ex-boxer became popular. The Kazartsev family fully covered the expenses of Gvozdyk at the Olympic Games in London, and after them they presented the athlete with a luxurious apartment with a designer renovation in the center of Kharkov. According to some estimates, this apartment cost Kazartsev $190,000. What can we say about all the expenses of the Knyaz, if on full support he had not only Gvozdyk, but also his never-working wife and children.

Gvozdyk's career developed, the areas where Kazartsev used him, too. So, Gvozdyk becomes a nominal co-owner of the companies Agroinvest Holding LLC and Agroholding Standard LLC, gives 20% of each fee to his patron in exchange for constant support and full maintenance. But everything changes after the death of the Knyaz.

Gvozdyk ends his career after a cowardly defeat for Beterbiev, and Knyaz dies of a serious illness. The ex-boxer, immediately after the death of his patron, showed his true colors. He does not give his shares in the Knyaz's Agro-business to his widow Tatyana (who, by the way, is the godmother of Gvozdyk's children), but sells it, thereby actually stealing millions from the Kazartsev family. After his raider affairs, Gvozdyk felt his impunity and embarked on the path of even more serious crimes.
Tax evasion and money laundering
In order to legalize all stolen money, Olexander Gvozdyk makes large money transfers to the accounts of the Hungarian company VIKTORITORG PROM KFT, which is actively used to launder money obtained illegally:

Gvozdyk, concluding fictitious contracts, makes money transfers for almost a million dollars, receiving the same money in cash in his native Kharkov. Did both competent authorities and fin control react? Of course not.

War on the media and the corrupt pocket judge
Ukrainian and foreign media notice the illegal actions of Oleksandr Gvozdyk and in their materials reveal the vulnerable schemes of the ex-champion, but he does not even think to improve. Instead of trying to legally correct his deeds, Gvozdyk buys the judge of the Darnytskyi district of the city of Kiev, Kotvitskiy L.V., and begins a large-scale and very expensive campaign to clean up Google's results. Together with the purchased judge and lawyer Irina Skaletskaya, Gvozdyk forces honest media to remove materials and apologize:


In addition to courts and the media, Gvozdyk begins working with a PR agency, which is trying to hide information in every possible way, regularly searching and cleaning Google's results. Thus, compromising materials begin to disappear from the search results, but some of them are still available by direct clicking on the link or in the Google cache.

(news removed from the site)

(however, is still cached by Google)
The media continue to receive regular complaints for alleged copyright infringement, and links continue to disappear from search results:

In order to fill the information field with positive publications as much as possible, Olexander Gvozdyk does not hesitate to use the names of more successful colleagues: boxers Olexander Usik and Vasily Lomachenko. Dozens of news appear every month, where Gvozdyk comments on the words and actions of the Ukrainian champions:

Gvorzyks's connection with the illegal bookmaker Melbet

Is it possible to continue even more rash actions? It turns out that it is possible, after all, Gvozdyk, not being distinguished by a special mind, entered into an agreement on cooperation with the Russian bookmaker Melbet. Melbet, according to the reputable Forbes, is associated with the high-profile bookmaker 1xBet, whose turnover is estimated at $2 billion.

Today 1xBet is banned even on the territory of the Russian Federation, and Russian courts are passing sentences in the bookmaker case. Oleksandr Gvozdyk, despite the conflicts in Donbass and thousands of deaths of the Ukrainian military, continues to sell himself and advertise the illegal bookmaker Melbet:

Gvozdyk, advertising the illegal bookmaker's office of the aggressor country, hopes to get a favorable position and get easy money in the future, because Olexander is not used to working. However, according to our information, in the Melbet company they look at Gvozdyk only as a clown who will lead at least some audience to the bookmaker due to recognizable face. The Russians, like the deceased Kazartsev, do not really count on the ex-champion, using him only in their dirtiest affairs.

Conflicts with fellow athletes: Redkach told the truth

The illegal actions of the criminal ex-champion could not be ignored. And if there was still no reaction to the illegal actions of Gvozdyk from the competent state authorities, then the consequences among other boxers could not be avoided. So another Ukrainian boxer living in the United States, Ivan Redkach, wrote a post on social networks in which he accused ex-world champion Ukrainian Olexander Gvozdyk of raider seizure, ties with the mafia and financial fraud. Redkach exposed Gvozdyk in ties with Kazartsev, in tax evasion, and in raider seizures of the agrarian business of the late Knyaz.

Black money from illegal Melbet bookmaker

According to Youcontrol, the already mentioned company Melbet Ukraine has increased its authorized capital to UAH 30 million, and this can only mean one thing - an illegal bookmaker with a toxic criminal frontman will try to get a license.

The director of Melbet Ukraine is a relative of the criminal authority Kazartsev and, like Gvozdyk, worked for him in lower positions - he was an ordinary driver. Now the redneck company will try to become legal. Interestingly, without being legal, the company is quietly advertised on the territory of Ukraine, and the fraudster Olexander Gvozdyk is also the face of the company.

The only legal bookmaker in Ukraine for October 2021 is Parimatch. Only it is listed in all registers and can conduct its business without any restrictions. Here again questions arise for the competent authorities. How can a public company Melbet, a company of an aggressor country, safely conduct its activities in Ukraine without a license?

The decision of the commission is not far off - will Gvozdyk go unpunished again?

Very soon, the Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission of Ukraine will make its decision on licensing the underground bookmaker Melbet. The competent authorities should pay attention to the licensing process of the bookmaker, and to its main person, mired in illegal financial schemes, lies, deceptions and criminals. Boxer Olexander Gvozdyk glorified Ukraine, boxed for its honor and raised the Ukrainian flag, was the pride of the country in the past, and now he actually sold himself to the aggressor country. Once upon a time, millions of Ukrainians were rooting for Olexander, and now, when all these millions have seen the real face of the ex-champion, who has actually betrayed his homeland, no one will look at the athlete's past merits.

Olexander Gvozdyk goes through his life path, but without much success. At first he was an ordinary "rat" at the authority of Kazartsev, and now he is brazenly used by the Russian bookmaker's office. So Olexander will remain at a broken trough: without business partners, friends of athletes who are gradually getting tired of the hype at their expense, and with multiple articles for fraud and raiding.