ACLU files class-action suit against education authorities

ACLU files class-action suit against education authorities

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Thursday filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of students from low-performing schools across California, claiming that schools are denying poor students the learning time they required to succeed.

In the lawsuit, ACLU claimed that students of seven low-performing schools in the state, including two in Oakland, have received far less learning time than affluent kids in other schools across.

While other education lawsuits in the state mainly focused on ensuring that all students get equal access to funding, quality teachers, safe facilities and textbooks; this lawsuit focuses on the time that students receive to learn.

The suit pointed out, "The California Constitution places an affirmative obligation on the state to safeguard the indispensable right to an equal education, no matter the circumstances."

It added that basic equality in education must start with the guarantee that no kid should be denied the learning time mandated by the state itself.

The lawsuit blamed a number of reasons for the problem, including incomplete class schedules; the aftermath of traumatic lockdowns; lack of teachers at the start of the academic year; and over dependence on substitutes to fill long-term vacancies.