Japanese Eel Classified as Endangered

Japanese Eel Classified as Endangered

Lately, the International Union for Conservation (IUCN) announced of including the Japanese eel into the red list of endangered species.

As per the IUCN, loss of habitat, overfishing, pollution, change in oceanic currents and barriers to migrations are major reasons for putting the Japanese eel into the list of endangered species.

"While the status of this species is of great concern, the assessment of the Japanese Eel and other eels is a hugely positive step", affirmed Dr. Matthew Gollock, Head of the IUCN Anguillid Specialist Sub-Group.

The inclusion of the Japanese eel into the red list of endangered species will allow them to take measures to conserve eel species. Talking about its effect then the announcement would certainly levy restrictions on the international trade of the fish, which is definitely a matter of concern for eel traders in Japan.

If local sources would not be able to fulfill the demand then they would be left with no other option but to import it from places like China or South Korea. Eel, which is quite rich in vitamins and minerals, is quite popular in Japan.

A trader said that if further restrictions will be introduced on the import and export then they will be forced to shut down. The news has also raised concerns among restaurant owners as limited supply would affect their sales.

As per the IUCN, the eels were overly exploited in Japan that brought a noticeable decline in their population. In the past three decades, eel population has declined by 90%.

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