Elon Musk

Tesla maintains top position in Q1-Q3 2021 BEV+PHEV sales

When it comes to electric vehicle (EV) sales, Elon Musk-led Tesla Motors continues to be the market leader but it may change sooner than later as many other manufacturers are trying really hard to catch up with the Palo Alto, California-headquartered electric car pioneer.

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Elon Musk pushes Tesla employees for greater Q2 production and deliveries

The next twelve days are super important for Tesla to achieve production and delivery targets this quarter, the American electric vehicle giant’s CEO, Elon Musk, said. According to emerging media reports, CEO Musk recently sent an email to his employees at Tesla, stressing that the next twelve... read more

A beautiful image displaying a shimmering 14-story rocket, in a cloud of fire and smoke, touching down at Cape Canaveral's Landing Zone 1 gently just minutes after payload delivery into space, could one day prove iconic.

The smooth landing resulted into bouts of delirium at Elon Musk's... read more

SpaceX Attempts to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket on Sunday with Successful Landing on Ground

Finally, the patience of all those people who have been waiting since long time to see the launch of Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX, has come to an end. According to sources, SpaceX is going to launch its Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday, completely six months after the failure of SpaceX’s first orbital... read more

SpaceX to attempt again to land rocket back on Earth

After months of gap, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is going to make one more attempt to land its Falcon 9 rocket back on shore this Sunday, the private-sector space firm confirmed.

SpaceX’s upgraded Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to be launched at 8:29 p.m. ET this Sunday, December 20, from Cape... read more

Elon Musk and Some Well Known Tech Titans Donate $1billion to AI Research Group Open AI

A new research group named Open AI this week has been given a grant of $1 billion by Elon Musk and some other tech titans in a watershed moment for artificial intelligence.

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SpaceX Announces Plan to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket On December 19

On Thursday, SpaceX announced that it is planning to launch its Falcon 9 rocket on December 19, 2015. It will be the first mission the company will attempt for after the massive explosion of its space station cargo six months ago.

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Tesla beefing up its self-driving car software

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk seems to be too excited about self-driving cars. On Thursday, he announced that they are strengthening up its self-driving software. The announcement can be an indication that Tesla is working on to launch a self-driving mobility service similar to the one being held... read more

Driver must keep their hands on car’s steering wheel even when Autopilot feature is on, says Elon Musk

Tesla will launch its new over-the-air software update in the next few days. Version 7.0 will bring Autopilot self-driving capability in the Model S. The system puts in uses equipment that has been present in every Model S. Experts said that activating Autopilot is majorly like using a car’s... read more

Many of Tesla’s high-ranking staff recruited by Apple: Elon Musk

Elon musk, CEO of California-based Tesla motors and SpaceX has called Apple the ‘Tesla graveyard’, asserting that the former Tesla employees who couldn't make it at his company have switched to Apple.

Many of Tesla’s high-ranking staff was recruited by Apple, Musk added in the interview... read more

Over 300 Teams to compete in Elon Musk's Hyperloop Pod Contest

More than 300 teams will get a chance to move on to next stage of Hyperloop pod competition started by CEO and CTO of SpaceX Elon Musk. On Monday, organizers of the competition announced on online social networking service Twitter that 162 university teams from 16 countries made their places in... read more

Elon Musk has a new plan to make Internet accessible from anywhere on the globe

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has come up with a new plan to make the Internet accessible from anywhere in the world. He has decided to launch a fleet of 4,000 satellites into low Earth orbit.

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