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Hillary Clinton wants to make curing Alzheimer’s major issue for ones at disproportionate risk of developing it

In the US, deaths from Alzheimer’s have been exploding, and keeping in mind the same, Hillary Clinton is looking forward to make curing the disease a key issue for the women and minority voters facing a disproportionate risk of suffering from it.

On Tuesday, during her last campaign... read more

Hillary Clinton calls for $250 monthly cap on prescription drug costs

On Tuesday, US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proposed a $250 monthly cap on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs and other measures for stopping what she called ‘price gouging’ by pharmaceutical companies.

In Iowa, at a campaign stop, Clinton rolled out an idea to... read more

California donors give more to Clinton than all other presidential candidates combined

California donors have made generous donations to numerous presidential candidates but Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton received more than all other presidential hopefuls combined.

According to recently released fundraising reports, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former... read more

Clinton condemns San Francisco’s ‘sanctuary’ policy

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has joined the growing list of high-profile personalities who have openly condemned San Francisco City's "sanctuary" policy.

In a recent interview, Clinton criticized San Francisco's law enforcement officials, saying they were wrong to... read more

Presidential Candidates have different Opinions on Abortion

Leaders in the United States have different opinions on abortion. Three presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, have recently addressed the issue in different way.

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is running for president in... read more

Hillary seen with de Blasio

On Wednesday, Clinton and Chirlane McCray were seen together in Brooklyn. Both of them will be frequently seeing each other now. Hillary Clinton and Chirlane McCray seemed to praise each other as they were seen accepting each other's words through their gestures.

According to McCray, the... read more

48% of Americans say they couldn’t see voting for Hillary Clinton

According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, a major challenge is being faced by Hillary Clinton ahead of her potential presidential campaign. The poll surveyed 1,000 adults with both landlines and cell phones, and had a margin of error of ±3.10%.

Although Hillary Clinton continues to... read more

Hillary Clinton grabs a Line of Thought that Barack Obama used in 2012 Election

Elections in the United States are approaching and Hillary Clinton, former United States Secretary of State, is already looking at 2016. While shifting leftward, she has grabbed a line of thought that President Barack Obama used in election of 2012. She is embracing the 'You didn't build that'... read more

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