Chestnut-crowned babbler communicates using Simple Form of Language

A journal PLOS biology-published research has found that chestnut-crowned babbler found in the Australian Outback has the ability to put together sounds and mix them up to communicate different meanings to others.

Researchers have studied the vocal noises taken out by the chestnut-crowned... read more

Skinny Jeans combined with Squatting prove Taxing for Woman

On Tuesday, Australian doctors warned that skinny jeans can pose health risk. They have warned people while reporting of a case of a woman who lost feelings in her legs temporarily.

The 35-year-old woman spent many hours squatting empty cupboards for a house move in Australia. By evening... read more

No Need to Include Great Barrier Reef in World Heritage Danger List yet: UN Draft Report

A United Nations draft report has called for not including the Great Barrier Reef in a World Heritage danger list. However, it supported commitments required for Australia to ensure protection of the reef, including restoring water quality and restricting new port developments.

The World... read more

Australia Terminates Jayant Patel’s Medical Practice

The Queensland's Civil and Administrative Tribunal Judge, Alexander Horneman-Wren, has barred Jayant Patel, a former Bundaberg surgeon from ever practicing medicine again in Australia as he has been found guilty of concealing matters which questioned his suitability. It was ruled that Dr Patel... read more

Massive Gas Giant Exoplanet discovered by Researchers

The Australian National University revealed that researchers have discovered an exoplanet that orbits HATS-6, which is a very small star, located about 500 light-years away. According to the researchers, the star is an M-dwarf.

Scientists said that M-dwarf stars are the one of the most... read more

Sweaty Exercises increase Lifeline: Study

A new study has revealed that you can significantly increase your chances of living longer by including sweaty exercises in your stay-healthy regime. After analyzing data from over 200,000 Australians, researchers have determined that it is not enough to rely only on moderate exercises like long... read more

Totten Glacier faces threat of irreversible melt

According to researchers, Totten Glacier is facing the prospect of irreversible melt that will accelerate global sea level rise.

The researchers took help of ice-penetrating radar and found that a lot of the Totten's ice rests in deep valleys up to 1.5 kilometers below sea level.... read more

Homeopathy not Effective for Treating Any Medical Condition: NHMRC

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) reviewed 225 research papers on homeopathy and reached at a conclusion that homeopathy is not good enough as a treatment for any medical condition.

The top Australian body for medical research has in fact warned: "People who choose... read more

Researchers find new species of seadragon

A group of researchers claimed to have discovered a new, previously unknown, species of seadragon - a rare marine creature that is found only off the coast of Southern Australia.

The researchers made the discovery while analyzing tissue samples, using DNA technique, of the already two... read more

Australia advised to follow UK example on bipartisan climate deal

Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt has asked Australia’s political parties to take inspiration from Britain and follow its example by taking an oath to deal with climate change.

The British prime minister David Cameron (Conservative), the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats),... read more

Study Links Smoking to Kidney, Intestinal and Heart Disease

A recently conducted study has revealed that smoking can be far more harmful then it has been previously thought. The study published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that smoking leads to at least five diseases and plays a role in 60,000 additional deaths every year.

The... read more

Crown of thorns flourishes in warmer water: Study

According to researchers, if sea temperatures increase, one of the major natural threats to the Great Barrier Reef will find it easier to survive. The crown of thorns starfish (COTS) is a predator that eats and kills coral on the reef.

It has been accountable for 40% of the coral loss... read more


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