Several Australian Mammals have Become Extinct: Study

A recent study has found that one in every ten native mammals that were present in Australia in 1788, at the time of colonization, has become extinct now.

The scientists from Charles Darwin University have said that another 56 Australian land mammals are also endangered. It is mainly... read more

Australia’s GBR coral coverage can decline to less than 10%: study warns

Further increase in ocean temperatures could cause the coverage of living corals on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to decline to less than 10 per cent, a new study warned.

Increased carbon emissions and coastal pollution has led to increased temperatures and ocean acidification, which has... read more

Comet Lovejoy will still remain Visible over Next Two Weeks

According to astronomers, the comet named after Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy will still be visible over the next couple of weeks and after this, it will begin to fade as it move towards the sun.

According to Zach Thompson, coordinator at Mueller Planetarium in Morrill Hall... read more

US warns Americans to be Vigilant during Holiday Season

On Friday, America issued a worldwide travel alert warning Americans to remain alert during the holiday season. The alert was announced especially due to the siege happened in Australia.

Beginning on Monday, a siege was carried out in a café in Sydney. In the incident, two hostages and a... read more

Uber offers free rides after facing criticism over increased fares

After drawing criticism from social media due to its decision to raise fares, ridesharing and taxi service company Uber turned around and said that it would now offer free rides. The company said that the previous decision was taken because of its anxiety over the Martin Place siege in Sydney... read more

Australian game reviewer set to go to court to resolve “sexual harassment” issue

According to a VGMMDI report, Australia-based video game reviewer Alanah Pearce, 21, who has been dealing with online threats from young male harassers on her Facebook page, is set to appear in the court.

The threats which Pearce has been receiving from young ale harassers - mostly aged... read more

5,000 Researchers to participate in World Parks Congress

It has been reported that thousands of representatives from more than 160 nations will meet in Australia this week for the start of the once-a-decade World Parks Congress. Almost 5,000 scientists, politicians, activists and business leaders will gather during the summit in Sydney.

The... read more

Netherlands Botanists to test Rare NSW Orchid

Samples of a rare breed of orchid have been sent to the Netherlands for genetic testing. Botanists will figure out uniqueness of the plant, which is found at some locations in New South Wales (NSW).

The eastern underground orchid is a plant that cannot photosynthesis, a process by which a... read more

Stop Scapegoating Bats!

Leading experts in ecology and public health have stated that bats play an amazing role in the ecosystem and human beings have so much to learn from these tiny creatures.

Speaking in this context, Michelle Baker, a researcher at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Victoria, stated... read more

Aviation Experts to Find better technology to Track Planes during Flight

It has been reported that several aviation experts from all around the globe gathered in Washington on Tuesday to have a discussion over technological advancements that could allow better tracking of planes during flight.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has asked... read more

4ENSIC sold to National Museum in Canberra by Chamberlain

Former church pastor Michael Chamberlain, father of baby Azaria, who was alleged to have been murdered at Ayers Rock in 1980, has sold the yellow 1977 V8 Torana hatchback car he once claimed to National Museum in Canberra. Michael Chamberlain said he knew the museum would take even better care... read more

Lasers Make Atomic Force Microscope 20 Times More Powerful

Optical Microscopes are more strongly affected by property of light than normal microscopes. Recently, scientists have discovered that Atomic Force Microscopes can be used to look into the nano scale world.

According to Dr. Ben Buchler from the school of Physics and Engineering at... read more


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