China’s WM Motor unveils LiDAR-equipped M7 electric sedan

Chinese electric car startup WM Motor claims that it’s recently unveiled highly anticipated M7 flagship electric sedan is quite unique compared to rival automakers’ electric models. The new all-electric four-door flagship sedan boasts a unique look, and comes loaded with "superb hardware" and... read more

Is Canned Air Only Way to Deal with Smog in China

China’s massive capital Beijing is regularly blanketed in notorious smog linked with coal consumption and heavy industry. Earlier, Beijing officials issued red alert for second time in December due to smog which is getting ridiculously bad.

This year wasn’t good at all for the Chinese... read more

Chinese first mission to softly land on moon’s surface discovers new kind of volcanic moon rock

The first Chinese mission that has made a soft landing on the moon’s surface has found a new type of volcanic moon rock. The discovery has marked the first time in nearly 4 decades that a new finding has got confirmation from the surface of the moon.

As per Washington University in St.... read more

Fossilized Bone suggests ’Red Deer Cave people’ walked earth 14,000 years ago

A new discovery of a 14,000 years old thigh bone is all set to amend the history of human evolution. Scientists believe the fossilized femur could add a new branch in family tree of humans.

Previously, historians thought other ancient human species vanished after the appearance of... read more

1A--14,000-year-old Femur belongs to Different Human Species, May Upend Concept of Human Evolution

An ancient human species, which was thought to be extinct long time ago, likely survived until about 14,000 years ago, a new study has suggested. Researchers unearthed a fragment of thigh bone in a Chinese cave, which they believe could reveal human ancestors’ unexpected survival.

The... read more

Researchers Discover First Ever Fossil Of Microscopic Kinorhynch Worms

A team of researchers said that they have discovered the first ever remains of microscopic kinorhynch worms which are commonly known as mud dragons. The fossils were found in China and are almost 530 million years old.

According to the researchers, the very first fossil belonging to the... read more

Apple reportedly planning to update MacBook Air laptops in 2016

Chinese news website Economic Daily News has revealed in a recent report that US tech biggie Apple plans to roll out a major upgrade to its MacBook Air laptops in 2016. The upgraded MacBook Air models will likely be unveiled by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next year.... read more

China all set to join Hunt for Alien Life in Space

China will also look for signs of life in space. The East Asian country has joined the hunt for extra-terrestrials with a huge telescope. The dish, which has size equal to 30 football pitches, will search for alien life about tens of billions of light years away from the earth.

The... read more

Chinese researchers make graphene sheet to behave like animated origami

A team of Chinese researchers have claimed that origami-inspired graphene paper that is capable of folding itself could be used to create anything from miniature robots to devices for tissue engineering.

Researchers from China's Donghua University demonstrated that heating a sheet of... read more

People With High-Stress Jobs Have 22% Higher Risk of Stroke

A team of researchers presented new analysis of previously conducted research which showed that people who have high-stress jobs are at higher risk of stroke. As per the research, people with high-stress jobs have 22% higher risk as compared to others with low-stress jobs.

Study lead... read more

Smoking kills one in three young men in China

One in three young men in China is likely to die of tobacco, said a research that was recently published in the medical journal The Lancet. But the number of men dying from tobacco can fall if they quit smoking.

The studies, conducted by researchers from Oxford University, the Chinese... read more

Microsoft strikes distribution deal with Chinese search giant Baidu

In a Wednesday announcement, Microsoft said that it has signed a distribution deal with leading Chinese search giant Baidu Inc., to enable Internet users in the country to use as the search engine within Microsoft's new Edge browser.

The new distribution deal signed by Microsoft... read more