Man died after ejecting through windshield of tram at Orlando International Airport

A passenger who fell from an elevated tram during a maintenance run at Orlando International Airport, Florida has died.

Airport authorities said that the tram, which is normally automated, was being run manually during a routine inspection in the early-morning hours. The tram transports... read more

Invasive Burmese Pythons pose a headache in Florida

Burmese pythons have beautifully patterned skins and are one of the largest snakes on the planet. The last python hunt in 2013 attracted 1,600 hunters from across the country and at that time they nabbed 68 snakes.

It is expected that a study that has been produced by a team led by the... read more

8 Killed and 10 Injured in Van Crash

An investigation is being carried out in an incident involving a van crash that took place in Glades County, Florida. In the accident, eight adults were killed and 10 others have been injured, said the Florida Highway Patrol on Monday.

Lt. Greg Bueno, a Highway Patrol spokesman, said that... read more

Florida businessman, who was reported Dead in 2013, is still alive

In 2012, Florida businessman Jose Lantigua made odd decisions when his company Circle K Furniture slipped into debt. At that time, he bought new furniture for his home with the company money. In addition, Lantigua built a panic room with steel doors inside his North Carolina hideaway.

... read more

Burmese Pythons killing Rabbits in Everglades at Faster Rate

Biologists have revealed that the rate at which Burmese pythons are gobbling rabbits in Everglades National Park is faster than any other predator. The invasive snake has altered the balance in the park’s food chain.

Researchers published a study this week, revealing a strong connection... read more

Florida woman faces Third-Degree Felony Charges after She Faked Breast Cancer

It has been reported that a Florida woman faces third-degree felony charges because she faked being having breast cancer. She gathered thousands of dollars in donations from her friends and family.

36-year-old Kelly Johanneson reportedly disappeared for a month in late 2013. She came back... read more

Projects for restoration of Everglades far behind their target

Several years ago, it was announced by Florida and Washington officials that there will be a partnership to re-establish the Everglades by 2030. The Everglades is a World Heritage site and is also the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in the world. The announcement was made 15 years ago.... read more

NASA launches Magnetosphere Multiscale spacecraft

NASA has successfully launched Magnetosphere Multiscale spacecraft (MMS) using United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. The Thursday launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Launch Complex 41 has been reported as a successful mission by NASA team. The Magnetospheric Multiscale mission... read more

Debate on over How to Spend Conservation Money

This week, Florida Legislature’s annual session has started and so have the discussions on how to utilize the money in Land Acquisition Trust Fund. In last winters, Amendment 1 was approved.

As per it, one-third of real estate transaction taxes will be forwarded to the Land Acquisition... read more

SeaWorld releases rescued Sea Turtles in Ocean off Florida

Among 72 Kemp's Ridley sea turtles that were rescued from extreme cold waters off the Massachusetts coast late last year, 10 have been released by the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team into the ocean off Florida on Wednesday.

The New England Aquarium rescued those turtles and treatments were... read more

Progressive & liberal mind-set standing in way of nation’s recovery: Jeb Bush

Progressive and liberal mind-set is hindering the nation’s way of recovery, particularly for low-income Americans, Jeb Bush said while delivering a speech at the Detroit Economic Club on Wednesday.

Mr. Bush, who is expected to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, was... read more

2016 Battlefield: Jeb Bush gets Boost from Romney’s Exit

On Friday, Mitt Romney announced that he will not run for the president of the US for third time. The news has opened the path to 2016 field for many next generation Republican leaders. Romney said that the young leaders will serve the party in a better way.

According to the spokesperson... read more


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