Recently Sequenced Genome from Ireland Throws Light on Genesis of Celtic Populations

For the first time, scientists have been able to sequence the first human genome from Ireland. On sequencing the genomes of a 5,200-year-old female farmer from the Neolithic period and three 4,000-year-old males from the Bronze Age, scientists believe that Irish farmers were similar to those of... read more

Patients Waiting For Bowel Cancer Test Peaked In October At 4,235

Almost 3,510 public patients presently have to wait for colonoscopy, which helps detection of bowel cancer. And the Irish Cancer Society said that this delay highlight the gap between the State’s public and private health systems where tests take more than three months and 12 days respectively... read more

Archaeologists Decipher Bronze Age Gold Trade Route in Southwest England

A 2500 BC ancient gold trade route between the southwest of Britain and Ireland has been discovered by archaeologists who used the advanced technique of laser ablation mass spectrometry to analyze certain ancient artefacts.

The study published in the journal Proceedings of the Prehistoric... read more

Parasites can Promote Cannibalistic Behaviour of Host

A study published in Royal Society Open Science suggests that parasites can promote cannibalism in animals if the latter one is a freshwater shrimp from Northern Ireland.

The shrimp belonging to the species Gammarus duebeni can eat each other even when they are not infected with the... read more

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