Peruvian Coca Tea Contains High Levels of Cocaine: Italian Police

Italian police recently issued an order to stop sale of a famous Peruvian coca tea after they found that the tea contained some significant levels of cocaine. The tea has been sold in Italy since many years now.

The tea was imported from Peru by a Milan-based wholesaler, said police... read more

Italian surveillance software maker Hacking Team hit by massive attack

On Monday, Italy-based surveillance software maker Hacking Team said that it has been hit by a massive-scale hacking attack. The company manufactures lawful interception software which is used by police and intelligence agencies to tap into phones and computers across the world.

As a... read more

CERN chooses Fabiola Gianotti as its next Director General

The council of European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, has selected the Italian physicist, Dr. Fabiola Gianotti, as the next Director-General at its 173rd Closed Session.

The mandate of Dr. Gianotti, one of the Geneva-based particle physics laboratory's most distinguished... read more

Sistine Chapel gets New Lighting

Tourists to Sistine Chapel of Vatican will be able to see its world-famous frescos in a new version. It is the result of a high-tech makeover, which includes about 7,000 new LED lights. UV (Ultraviolet) rays were fading the colors of its masterpieces, which are more than 500-year-old, by... read more

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