American EV startups hit speed bumps due to lack of funds

After raising large sums from investors to grab a slice of fast expanding electric vehicle (EV) market, a number of American startups are suffering speed bumps as need more funds to pursue next-generation vehicles. Ohio-based Lordstown Motors Corporation is perhaps the best example of the EV... read more

McDonald’s Experiments with Menu

The famous fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, seems to experimenting with its menu by including macaroni and cheese option. However, the mac and cheese is only available in 18 restaurants of the Cleveland area in Ohio. These outlets are acting as a test market for the new entry in the menu.

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Ohio Department of Health Suggests People to Avoid Mosquito Bites

The Ohio Department of Health stated that flooding in the area due to heavy rainfall in June has led to increase in the mosquito population. Experts have suggested people to stay protected from the mosquitoes as some mosquito species carry harmful viruses and infection like West Nile virus.... read more

A New Species lived Alongside ‘Lucy’: Study

A new study suggested that a fossil find could add new evidence in the human evolutionary tree. As per the study, a new species may have lived alongside the 'Lucy' species. About four years ago, a lower jaw, teeth and jaw fragments were discovered in the Afar region of northern Ethiopia. The... read more

Wendy's to sell 640 restaurants

On Wednesday, Wendy's said that it is planning to sell 640 restaurants in the US and Canada in order to generate cash and reduce expenses.

The company is also planning to sell its bakery operation, which is based in Zanesville, Ohio. Wendy's shares were up over 6% in the morning trading... read more

Ohio Court Frees Prisoner after 39 Years of Imprisonment

An Ohio Court of Cliams judge on Thursday gave a judgment that a sum of $1 million will be paid to Ricky Jackson.

Ricky Jackson, the longest-held US prisoner to be cleared of crime, walked out of prison late last year. He spent almost 39 years in prison, but he was always clear about the... read more

No Dangerous Contaminants released into Air due to Husky Energy’s Explosion

No injuries have been reported in a blast that took place at Husky Energy's 155,000 barrel per day (bpd) crude oil refinery in Lima, Ohio on Saturday.

As per a source familiar with the facility's operations, the fire has been extinguished. The blast was so strong that it was heard across... read more

Including Avocadoes Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol among Overweight People: Study

Researchers have found that heart-healthy diets including avocado help lower bad cholesterol in overweight and obese people. As per researchers, people who have high cholesterol can either go in for medication or can make modifications in their diet plan. Such fats are present in food products... read more

Checked--Legislators optimistic to take more Definitive Action to tackle toxic Algae at Lake Erie

The Ohio House and Senate did not pass House Bill 490, which aimed to address toxic algae at Lake Erie. Legislators are quite positive that they will surely take strong actions this year.

The bill was a massive one that included a ban on using fertilizer and manure on frozen ground in the... read more

Michigan reportedly offers job to Kentucky tight ends coach Vince Marrow

Kentucky tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow has reportedly been offered a job by Michigan's newly-appointed head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Bill Greene of Per Scout. com has reported that Mr. Harbaugh has offered a job. Greene added that the job offered by Michigan's new... read more

Lauren Hill Reaches Her Goal of raising $1 Million for Cancer Research

Lauren Hill, Ohio college basketball player, has reached her goal of raising $1 million in donations by the end of the year. Hill has been collecting donation for cancer research. On Tuesday, Hill had hosted a television show for The Cure Starts Now. After the telethon, the basketball player's... read more

High-Carbohydrate Diets linked to Array of Health Problems: Study

As per a research published in journal PLOS ONE, a diet high in carbohydrates is more linked with heart disease and diabetes than the high-fat diet.

The study researchers unveiled that increasing the amount of saturated fat in diet does not drive up levels in the blood. Such is not the... read more


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