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Square Prices Its Initial Public Offering at Level Lower Than Earlier Indicated

Mobile payment startup Square Inc priced its initial public offering (IPO) at a level lower than what it indicated earlier. As per some analysts, the company’s debut on the stock exchange will help known how public markets will evaluate high-profile private startups.

Online dating... read more

Tourists at San Francisco Bay Get Glimpse of Hungry Great White Shark

Although shark week is over, tourists at the San Francisco Bay were lucky enough to witness a hungry Great White Shark. Tourists watched the shark devour a seal by Alcatraz Island.

The video captured by Meredith Cappolo Shindler, shows shark devouring a seal. The shark’s attack on seal... read more

Breast Cancer Screening Linked with over diagnosis and Overtreatment

Dr. Laura J. Esserman, a breast cancer surgeon at the University of California, San Francisco, has dedicated much of her professional life trying to get medical establishments to think differently about breast cancer. She is one of the most vocal proponents of the idea that breast cancer... read more

San Francisco gay couple obtains marriage license from Rowan County clerk’s office

A gay couple from San Francisco recently obtained a marriage license from Rowan County's clerk's office, and got married in a small ceremony at Morehead State University in Kentucky.

Mark Shrayber and Allen Corona, who received their marriage license on September 8, are the first couple... read more

Uber forays into San Francisco’s highly-competitive food delivery industry

Making an ambitious foray into food delivery industry in its home town of San Francisco, Uber announced a new service, called UberEats, which will allow users to place orders through the app and get the ordered food products delivered to the place of their choice.

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Considering drivers’ suit as class-action will set risky precedent: Uber attorney says

An attorney for app-based ride-hailing service Uber argued in San Francisco federal court on Thursday that it would be preferable not to consider three drivers' complaint as class-action suit.

Three Uber drivers have sued the company, contending they should be considered as employees and... read more

Business groups sue San Francisco to defend their First Amendment rights

The American Beverage Association, accompanied by two other business groups, is suing San Francisco, arguing that the city's ordinance forcing beverage companies to label their ads for sugary drinks with health warnings violates their First Amendment rights.

The San Francisco Board of... read more

California woman involved in frozen embryos lawsuit wants money: husband alleges

Five frozen embryos continue to be at the center of a San Francisco couple's bitter divorce battle, and the wealthy male partner has alleged that his wife is trying to extort money from him.

On the eve of their wedding in 2010, Stephen Findley and Mimi Lee learned that Lee was suffering... read more

Report highlights vast differences in affordable housing production among S.F. neighborhoods

The City of San Francisco added a total of 6,559 units to the list of its affordable housing between 2005 and 2014 and lost nearly 5,470 rent-controlled apartments during the same period of time, according to the city's latest Housing Balance Report.

The aforementioned figures showed that... read more

San Francisco Zoo’s missing snake returns

The small venomous snake that was reported missing from San Francisco Zoo's South American Tropical Rainforest exhibit has been found, a spokesperson for the popular zoo announced.

Spokeswoman Nancy Crowley said the 13-inch baron's racer showed up Tuesday afternoon after zookeepers coaxed... read more

S.F. supervisor announces law requiring videotaping of all gun sales

A San Francisco lawmaker has announced plans to introduce a new measure that would tighten the city's already strict laws with regard to the sale and possession of firearms.

Pushing for gun control reforms, Supervisor Mark Farrell has asked the City Attorney to start drafting the measure... read more

San Francisco keeps 90-day cap on rentals in place

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted 6-5 to keep the current 90-day cap on rentals in place when the host is not present and allow indefinite days when the host is present.

The board made the decision after several rounds of debate over the proposed 60-day, 75-day and... read more


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