Two-seater Silence S04 electric car comes with removable trolley batteries

Barcelona, Spain-based electric scooter manufacturer Silence has just introduced the world to its Silence S04 two-seater electric car – a lightweight electric vehicle (EV) similar to a Renault Twizy.

The Silence S04 will be made available in two versions, and both will come with removable... read more

Strange Discovery Made By Goat Farmers in Spain

Two goat framers in Spain discovered something very strange when they saw a large and mysterious black orb in the middle of one of their fields. Experts now are investigating to known the mystery behind the strange orb.

The brothers, Francisco and Juan Espín del Amo, said they immediately... read more

Study links Depression to Higher Death Risk

A new study has found that depressed heart failure patients could be at high risk of death. According to doctors and health experts, it is important for heart failure patients to manage the depression.

John Cleland, professor of cardiology at the Imperial College London, and study... read more

Mediterranean diet improves memory in older adults: Study

According to a new Spanish study published in JAMA Internal Medicine Monday, a Mediterranean diet with extra nuts and olive oil might help improve memory in older adults.

The Mediterranean diet is low in animal foods like meat and butter and high in vegetables, legumes and whole grains.... read more

Alcatel announces Cyanogen OS 11 phablet --- OneTouch Hero 2+

At the ongoing Mobile World Congress on Barcelona, French handset maker Alcatel has announced its new OneTouch Hero 2+ handset --- the latest and the biggest smartphone to be loaded with the Cyanogen operating system.

According to an Android Authority report, the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+... read more

Direct Line to sell its Italian and German Units to Mapfre for 550 million euros

Spanish insurance major Mapfre on Thursday announced that the management has approved the plan to buy the Italian and German business units of Direct Line for 550 million euros.

Direct Line is the U. K.'s biggest home and auto insurer. It was founded in Croydon in 1985 as a car insurance... read more