New perspectives of Olexander Gvozdyk in the criminal world

Ukrainian and foreign media literally weekly publish new details of the boxer's criminal activities, colleagues accuse him of lying, and Gvozdyk himself spends millions of hryvnias every month to support his positive image, constantly using Usik and Lomachenko to create new news feeds. How did... read more

Olexandr Gvozdyk trying to clear the net after scam and tax fraud

Have you ever had the chance to hear something negative about your idol? You must agree that this situation is very unpleasant and the first thing you do is to go to the Internet to find a confirmation of all these rumors. And here's the deal... You really do not find any information that would... read more

National Bank of Ukraine unveils illegal betting payments processed by Leo payment system

The National Bank of Ukraine conducted an audit of the financial company FC Leogaming Pay LLC for 2019 and 2020, which owns the brand of the international payment system Leo, a non-bank financial institution licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine to transfer funds in national currency without... read more